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The eternal booming Run the world! Long-Run doors, we only focus on the gates of brass, copper and aluminum doors.

Long-run company is a professional manufacturer of brass, and copper and aluminum doors, set design and development center of production, sales and service as one of the modern enterprise.
Companies adhere to the "people-oriented, innovation, quality, and effectiveness of management, science and technology for development" business purposes, the first to develop a copper and aluminum luxury villa door products, the company has the brand success in the future, to not rust, does not fade this advantage to win the satisfaction of millions of families in China.

Company adhere to the concept of "standard to become a habit, and habits to meet customer standards" carefully crafted "Long Run" high-end brands, the courage to do the industry leader. The company's overall management system, to achieve the scale and scientific. Each department has taken the lead in the use of computer management, modern management gives vigor and vitality of the enterprise.

Effectively protect the company's dominant position in the fierce market competition, sales outlets across the country established a perfect after-sales service three-dimensional network of dealers in favor and praise. Fluorocarbon increase the life of the gates of brass, copper and aluminum door aluminum titanium alloy main material surface with high-grade anti-UV protection period, never rust, does not fade. Forge ahead "Long Run" carefully crafted "Long Run" brand has an excellent reputation in our customers and peers ......
Brand Wise Link the Long Run sincerely look forward to working with you to create new wealth height!



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